"What is a vocation? How do I know if I have a religious vocation? What do I do if I think I have a vocation?" If you can relate to these questions, then you have some serious thinking to do!

The question of "What?"

A vocation is a call from God to dedicate one's life to Him. Not all calls are to the religious life. That is where the process of discernment or "sorting out" comes in. For some, a time away to be silent and alone, and to engage in serious praying, reveal helpful answers. For many, the help of a spiritual director or pastor, may even be more helpful. The important thing is not to ignore the call.

The question of "How?"

How do I know if I have a vocation to the Religious life? Ask questions! Attend vocation retreats! Pray and read the Word of God! Talk to a Sister or Priest ! Keep yourself open to God's inspirations! Even though God speaks uniquely to each person in the depths of one's heart, there are signs of a religious calling that can help you discern if God is inviting you to this state of life.

The question of "What to do?"

Follow your "instinct" and check out the community and spirituality that attract you.

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Religious life is a purposeful life. It is a life inspired by biblical hope and derives its meaning from the life of Jesus and his example.