First Profession of Vows

Coellist  Anneke Schaul-Yoder and Violinist AntoniaEntrance Procession
Rev. George Houck, O.Carm.Carmen Klohe First ReaderAlexander Klohe Second Reader
What do you desire?Fr. Greg gives his homily
Profession of Vows before the Prioress General
Signing of the Vow BookSigning of the Vow BookBlessing of the black veil and Constitutions
Receiving the black veil of the Professed
Congratulating the newly professed
Offertory Procession with Paul Klohe, Seijin Lim and Natalie Santiago
Sr. Pia introduces invited members of clergyRecessional Procession
Congratulating the newly professed
Mother Mark welcomes family, friends, guests
Father Pat Kelly delivers the toast
Sister Helena best wishes
Sister Pia announces First Mission assignmentMsgr. Michael Barimab Apau for Grace after Meals