Devotional Life

The mystical body of Christ is made rich by the devotional life of its members. The Catholic Church is rich in the variety of religious prayers and devotions that have been handed down to us through the centuries in the lives and works of its Doctors, Saints, Popes, Founders of Religious Orders and Congregations. In our particular case, Mother Angeline Teresa, our Foundress, handed down to us her own devotions and prayers. Additionally, our devotional life is rooted in the spirit of the Carmelite tradition which first began in the silence and solitude of the hermit community in Mount Carmel in Palestine. It is a life centered in the Eucharist and pondering the Word of God. It is a life deeply rooted in imitation and devotion to the great Saints of Carmel. From this rich heritage, the Sisters draw forth the ideals that point to the summit, and draw on the strength to carry out the mission entrusted by Jesus and the love that makes the difference.