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Happy Day for Sr. Mary Vianney!

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vianney.JPG The Carmelite Sisters congratulate Sr. Mary Vianney Dinh who has become a United States citizen as of April 7, 2011!  Sr. Mary Vianney was born in Vietnam.  Sister immigrated to Canada along with her family.  She joined our Congregation in 2001 and professed Final Vows in 2009.  Sr. Mary Vianney is currently stationed in St. Patrick’s Manor in Framingham, MA.  Congratulations Sr. Mary Vianney and many more graces to come! Read Sr. Mary Vianney's Vocation Story

"Rekindling the Fire: Imparting our Zeal to the Next Generation"

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 vocationsteering2011-018-1.jpg   vocationsteering2011-017.jpg The Vocation Steering Committee of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm sponsored a seminar entitled "Rekindling the Fire: Imparting our Zeal to the Next Generation" held on April 1 & 2, 2011 here at Saint Teresa's Motherhouse.  The seminar was also attended by other members of the Congregation.  This seminar was the first wave of our continued efforts to make vocation work a priority in the Congregation's life and ministry. We were privileged to have with us Rev. Ashley Harrington, O.Carm and Sr. Charlene Diorka, SSJ.  Additional presenters were Alycia Murtha, Kristen Leaderstorf and Nicolette Langlois, graduates of Franciscan University in Steubenville, who are currently working as Interns for the Avila Institute of Gerontology. Fr. Ashley Harrington opened the two days with the Eucharistic celebrations.   His talks during the first day of the gathering were centered on the spirituality of the religious call, the importance of remembering the initial fervor and the experiences learned throughout the spiritual journey.  He used the imagery of windows and doors.  The "window" of a religious calling opens up for many new and beautiful horizons, of a future yet to be realized, and dreams yet to be lived out.  "Get in touch with your own window experience," Fr. Ashley urged all present.  Rekindling the fire of long ago will help to warm the present.  The "door" imagery was a challenge posed to all present.  Given three examples of doors leading to life-giving choices, we were challenged to enter the one which led to adventure, hope, unity and enduring love.  Vocation work begins with getting in touch with the past to animate the present so we can move to the future with an openness to changes and the courage to take risks. Sr. Charlene Diorka, SSJ, is a member of National Vocation Religious Conference (NVRC).  Sister came to us with a wealth of wisdom gained from her experience in vocation work and knowledge of Religious life.  Sister presented us with information gathered from the recent study of Religious life in the USA (CARA Study).  She talked about the "Nature of Vocation", "Myths Vs. Facts of Religious life", "and "Best Practices", incorporating results from the study into the structure and mission of our Congregation.  Sr. Charlene was most emphatic, in saying like our Foundress Mother Angeline Teresa, that vocation work is not just the work of one or two Sisters but of all the members.  Membership matters! Alycia Murtha, Nicolette Langlois and Kristen Leaderstorf presented us with the wisdom of the younger generation.  The topics were: "Background of Young People Who May Have a Vocation", "Influences on Younger Generation", What Young People Are Seeking When They Look at Religious Life?", "Atmospheres Nurturing Vocations", "What the Carmelite Sisters Have to Offer", and "A Generation Full of Hope." The Vocation Steering Committee members had a full hour of brainstorming in smaller groups of what best practices our Community already has in place and what best practices we can develop and initiate.  It was a wonderful and grace-filled time of shared ideas, concerns, and hope for all the Sisters present. vocationsteering2011-001.jpg  vocationsteering2011-003.jpg  Displayed Posters of  "Mother Angeline Teresa, Model of Vocation" vocationsteering2011-005.jpg  Fr. Ashley Harrington, O.Carm celebrating the Eucharist. vocationsteering2011-004.jpg   vocationsteering2011-006.jpg Kristen, Nicolette, Alycia and Sr. Maria Therese provided music for Liturgy. vocationsteering2011-007.jpg  Sr. Julie behind the camera. vocationsteering2011-002.jpg  Sr. Peter Lillian, Sr. Maria Therese, Sr. Charlene Diorka, SSJ and Sr.  Julie before the Conference. vocationsteering2011-008.jpg   vocationsteering2011-009.jpg   vocationsteering2011-013.jpg  Sisters during break-times. vocationsteering2011-010.jpg  Prayer Service: Imparting our zeal to the next generation. Sr. Charlene Diorka, SSJ vocationsteering2011-011.jpg   vocationsteering2011-012.jpg     vocationsteering2011-015.jpg

Daily Herald: "Nun to show her Irish Pride"

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 bilde.jpg Our own Carmelite Sister, Sr. Jeanne Francis Haley, O.Carm , of St. Patrick's Residence in Naperville, Illinois made the news.  Click here for full article.

"Connect: Uniting Generations & Blending Traditions"

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Date:  September 23-25th, 2011 Location:  Archdiocese Center at St. Thomas Seminary, 467 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, CT 06002

There are only a few weeks before the Conference and there is still time to register! Join us for a weekend devoted to bridging the gap between the generations in the Church. The weekend will begin Friday night with an Opening Mass and Social.  Saturday will include keynote addresses, Generational Healing Mass, concurrent sessions, and an evening of Eucharistic Adoration.  Sunday concludes the Conference with a keynote address, Closing Mass, and brunch.  During this Conference, participants will have the opportunity to spend time together, both in prayer and in enjoying the company of each other, drawing from the wealth of wisdom and enthusiasm of both our elders and young people.   Individual registration is $120 which includes all events and meals!  We look forward to seeing you September 23-25th!

 *Please note that the Religious discount includes all deacons!*

 Connect Conference Flyer Connect Conference Schedule Connect Conference Registration Form For a full schedule, talk descriptions, speaker bios, accommodation information, and to pray with our "Thought of the Week" visit our blog. How to Register: Send your completed Registration Form and check to:  St. Teresa's Motherhouse, C/O Special Events Office, 600 Woods Road, Germantown, NY 12526 Make checks payable to:  Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm Overnight accommodations:  Overnight accommodations at St. Thomas Seminary are $50 per person for the weekend (available upon registration and are limited).  Overflow accommodations are available at local hotels.  Click here for mor information on booking a hotel and receiving the Connect Conference discount.

S.A.L.T Carmelite Missionaries Program

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 salt_logo.jpg  Come join the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm for an experience of a lifetime!  In just a week you will be able to impact the lives of elderly men and women, learn more about the wonderful mission of Mother M. Angeline Teresa McCrory, O.Carm, Servant of God, and grow in your faith through service to the elderly, prayer, conferences, discussions and days of reflection.  The elderly you minister to will benefit from your hope and enthusiasm.As a member of S.A.L.T Carmelite Missionaries, you will be able to interact with the nursing home/ assisted living residents in their daily activities, play games with them, sit, talk, and pray with them.  Not only that, you will be given the opportunity to spend time with the Carmelite Sisters and learn about the passion and joy they find in their ministry and in their Religious life.

For more information, call (518) 567-5586 or email

S.A.L.T Brochure: SALT-Brochure.pdf  SALT-Brochure-Print.pdf

S.A.L.T Application: SALT-Application.pdf

S.A.L.T Recommendation: SALT-Recommendation.pdf


The 27th Anniversary of the Entrance of Mother Angeline Teresa to Eternal Life

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0350_7969z_header_mat_27th__patrice.jpg On January 21st, the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm celebrated the 27th Anniversary of the entrance into Eternal Life of their beloved Foundress, Mother M. Angeline Teresa. The snowfall of the previous night did not appear to dampen the joy of this occasion as invited Priests, Sisters and members of the McCrory family and other friends, gathered in Chapel for the Eucharistic Celebration. The Very Rev. Mario Esposito, O.Carm was the main celebrant and homilist.  The chosen theme of this year's anniversary celebration was "Mother Angeline Teresa, Model of Vocation." Fr. Mario gave an inspiring homily on religious vocation in general based on the scripture readings taken from the call of the prophet Samuel and, in particular,  of Mother Angeline Teresa's religious call and response.  Below is an excerpt of Fr. Mario's homily: "This year, we were led to choose the theme: Mother Angeline Teresa, Model of Vocation.  Notice, we did not say "vocations", because it would be a diminishment, a diminution I think of the richness of Mother's thought and spirit, to say that she was only interested in getting more vocations.  It is safe to say that Mother Angeline's vocation was her life, pure and simple.  Her call to live as a religious was who she was- there was a total merging of her personal identity and her consecrated life.  One was not laid on top of the other, but they were fully integrated.  Being a Carmelite, living in community, serving the Church, taking care of the elderly, befriending priests, offering hospitality, all of these things were not roles that Mother played.  They are who she was, with no duality or conflict.  Mother Angeline wrote: "A religious vocation is a total commitment of ourselves to God alone."  Of this, she was a Model, and in examining and speaking about her life we will see no crack in the wall, no shadow on the screen.  Her life in its entirety, even  when beset by the weaknesses and need to be cared for in her old age, could not diminish.  Mother remained totally committed to God alone in every part of her life, and faithfully lived the demands of her vocation to love and serve Him unto death." Following the Eucharistic Celebration, all were invited to the Refectory for a delicious meal. Several displays  depicting Mother Angeline's life and the Community's past and present vocation photos and DVD's, were set up for all to see.  We are grateful for all who worked hard to make the day special and enjoyable! 0351_7969zz_header_2_mat_27th_anniv_1-21-11.jpg  0357_7980_copy.jpg  0357_7982.jpg 0357_7982a_table_in_chapel.jpg  0357__7984_altar.jpg  0375_offertory_procession_sr_ann_etc.jpg  0383_closing_procession_council_etc.jpg img_3302a1.jpg  img_3304a.jpg  img_3305a1.jpg  0385_8002_header_for_dinner.jpg 8025_fr_mario_offers_grace.jpg 0393_food_table.jpg  7992_cake.jpg  7997_book_on_mats_quotes_re_vocation.jpg  8010_the_display_of_sr_patricia.jpg  8011_seven_fouding_sisters.jpg

Novena to St. Teresa of Jesus

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Date:  October 7-15 1-teresa.jpg "Father, by your Spirit you raised up St. Teresa of Avila to show your Church the way to perfection.  May her inspired teaching awaken in us a longing for true holiness.  Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen."

Novena to Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

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Novena: September 23 - October 1 "God our Father, you have promised your kingdom to those who are willing to become like little children.  Help us to follow the way of St. Therese with confidence, so that by her prayers we may come to know your eternal glory.  Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen." The Sisters will remember your intentions during this time of Community Novena to St. Therese. therese6.jpg

Blessing of McCrory Center- New Carmelite System Facility

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The much-awaited new office building constructed on the property of the Carmelite Sisters finally became a reality on  September 10, 2010.  Named after the Foundress Mother Angeline McCrory, the McCrory Center will be the new office setting for the Carmelite System.  The Blessing of the McCrory Center was performed by Rev. Brian Mcweeney and was attended by Mother M.Mark Louis Anne, O.Carm and her Council, Carmelite System Board of Directors and Staff members, Avila Sisters and Sisters participating in this year's Renewal Program and  Construction Workers.  The Blessing Ceremony was opened by Mother Mark with words of heartfelt gratitude for the concerted efforts poured into the project by those involved in the planning and building.  We thank God for continually blessing all of our endeavors and plans.  The joy of the day was reflected in the enthusiastic singing of "Glory and Praise to our God" followed by the Intercessory Prayers read by several Carmelite Sisters.  Fr. Brian Mcweeney proceeded to bless each room assisted by Sr. Ambrose, O.Carm.  Guests and attendees rounded up the event with a tour of the new building. 6478_front_view1.jpg McCrory Center- Front View 6483_back_of_bldg_w_ramp.jpg McCrory Center- Back of Building 6491_front_central_section_and_flowers.jpg McCrory Center- Fron and Central Views. 6618a_d.jpg   6621g_j.JPG  Sisters awaiting Blessing Ceremony dscn05991.jpg      Carmelite System Staff Members dscn0605.jpg  dscn0606.jpg  dscn0607.jpg  dscn0609.jpg dscn0611.jpg  dscn0612.jpg  dscn0613.jpg  dscn0617.jpg

Update on Mother Angeline's Cause

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foundress.jpg  Mother M. Angeline Teresa, O.Carm- Servant of God As the readers of the Teresian Society Bulletin know, last year, in the Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey, there was an investigaton into a possible miracle that was widely reported in the press.  Through the cooperation of the diocesan officials there, all the testimonies, proofs, and medical records were sent to the Congregation for the Cause of Saints in Rome.  Whenever the Acts of an alleged miracle are received in the Congregation, the first thing that happens is that the Acts are opened and carefully checked to be sure all of the paper work is there, done properly, and in order.  We were pleased to find out that on June 4, 2010, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints decreed that the miracle investigation was "juridically valid"- that is- everything was done and presented correctly.  As a result of this, the Congregation will be able, in due time, to evaluate the alleged miracle and to see, possibly, if the hand of God was present through the intercession of Mother M. Angeline Teresa.  Please continue to keep the entire Cause in your prayers and never hesitate to ask the Servant of God for her heavenly help. Please report any favors granted through the intercession of Mother M. Angeline Teresa, O.Carm, Servant of God to:     The Postulator's Office, Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm , 600 Woods Road, Germantown, New York, 12526