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Celebrating 80 Years

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2009 – 2010 marks 80 years of the life and ministry of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. Mother Angeline Teresa McCrory, Servant of God, founded the Congregation in 1929 during the time of the Great Depression.  Since that period, the Congregation has seen many changes and dealt with many challenges in their ministry of providing care to the elderly in the many Homes served by the Sisters.  But despite these challenges, the 80 years of service to God and His Church deserve recognition and celebration.The Carmelite Sisters hosted an Evening of Reflection at St. Teresa’s Motherhouse on May 21, 2010.  The event was facilitated by a famous composer and musician, Dan Schutte.  Dan has been composing music for worship for more than 30 years. Many of his most celebrated pieces, including “Here I Am Lord”, “City of God”, and “Sing A New Song” come from his years of collaboration with the St. Louis Jesuits.  His more recent pieces still exhibit that enduring ability to reach into people’s hearts and draw them into prayer.  He is one of the best-known, most prolific and influential composers of Catholic music for the liturgy.  The event, a special time of music and prayer, was open to the public and was attended by our Sisters and guests from near and far, numbering close to two hundred.  Dan took us on a spiritual journey using his scores of music and personal stories as a backdrop to enter more fully into the experience of God’s presence in our lives and among us.  We are blessed to have been given this wonderful opportunity to meet the man behind the wonderful songs which have been part of our many liturgical celebrations all these years! Thank you, Dan Schutte! The celebrations continued with the Mass of Thanksgiving the next day, May 22nd.   Fr. Ashley Harrington, O.Carm was the Celebrant and our Community Choir, along with Dan, provided the music.   It was a marvelous way to give thanks to God for the many blessings He has bestowed on our Congregation. Following the Eucharistic Feast, a delicious meal was served to close the weekend celebrations .4559danaudience.jpg    4583frashley.jpg   4575beginner.jpg   4591danfrashleyatfoodtruck.jpg                   4590zheader.jpg     4592bcakeatdinner.jpg    4554audience.jpg                                                         4549danfrontview.jpg   4543danpianogroup.jpg     4539danguitar.jpg    4535mmlanddan1.jpg 4585peacetodan.jpg  4578congregationatmass.jpg  4584kissofpeace.jpg  4522zheader.jpg                                                          4565mmlthanksdan.jpg

Rejoicing in the Lord!

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Frontlines: Carmelite Sisters

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 By Tim Puet

Catholic Times

The philosophy of care provided by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm at their facilities in Columbus can best be described by a motto posted at several locations in the Villas at St. Therese: “Always remember … the residents we serve don’t live in our workplace; we work in their homes.” REST OF THE STORY

Sr. Diane's Reflection On Religious Life

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Carmel: Prayer, Community, Ministry

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Mother Angeline Ministries of Care

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The Mother Angeline Ministries of Care is a volunteer parish outreach program to the sick and homebound which promotes the ideals and values of our Foundress, Mother M. Angeline Teresa, O.Carm.  The program, begun under the inspiration of Joan and Bill Nelson, involves extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist in four parishes in New Hampshire.  Through a series of training sessions, Ministers of Care enhance their skills in providing a spiritual support and a caring presence to the homebound, sick and hospitalized.  Training includes sessions on Mother Angeline's philosophy of care, understanding memory and physical impairment, the needs of elders living in the community, life review and reminiscing, spirituality of aging, compassionate listening and visits and the impact of family dynamics on relationships with the homebound individual.  Another module of training will involve visits to the dying. img_0005.JPG October 3, 2009:  Mother Mark speaks at Day of Recollection in Rochester, NH img_0012.JPG October 3, 2009: Sr. Anthony leads a round table discussion. img_0050.jpg November 14, 2009: Sr. Peter Lillian makes a point.  Mother Mark and Sr. Michelle (not shown) assisted. img_0020.JPG Mother Angeline Ministers of Care at Holy Rosary Church, Rochester, NH, attending candlelight service.

Novena to Saint Patrick

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Beginning March 9 - 17, 2010, private novena to Saint Patrick will be recited during the Carmelite Sisters Morning Prayer as part of their tradition and devotion. saint_patrick3.jpg Prayer: "O God, who sent among us your blessed servant, St. Patrick, who like an Elias, breathed into your people the splendid hope of Christ's second coming and infused into his heart so great a share of your own tenderness, charity and zeal: listen to the prayers we now offer up in union with the prayers of this great man of faith, and grant through his intercession the intention of this novena, and the grace rather to die than offend thee.  Amen. Great Saint Patrick, pray for us!

Report of Possible Miracle Attributed to Mother Angeline Teresa

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 foundress.jpg The Diocese of Metuchen has formally completed its investigation of a possible miracle attributed to the Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, Mother Angeline Teresa McCrory.Last September 21, 2009, Metuchen Bishop Paul G. Bootkoski presided over a 20-minute ceremony marking the completion of the process of investigation. The ceremony was held in the chapel of St. John Neumann Pastoral Center located in Piscataway, NJ. It was well attended by the Carmelite Sisters and Mother Angeline Teresa’s family.The inquiry took four months to conduct in which facts and testimony were gathered from those who prayed for the intercession of Mother Angeline and the original physicians who cared for the child. Due to rules of confidentiality the identity of the child could not be released, but the family lived in close proximity to the Metuchen Diocese, according to Lori Albanese, Diocesan Chancellor and Notary of the investigation. The possible miracle involves a family who had prayed to Mother Angeline Teresa to intercede with God after their unborn child was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality. When the baby was born, the defect was not present in the degree that it had been expected. The closing ceremony was covered and reported by several newspapers including The Catholic Spirit, My Central Jersey, CathNews USA (a Service of Paulist Press), and Catholic News Agency. It was also interesting to find mention of this event among bloggers as far as Hawaii! Dr. Andrea Ambrosi is the Postulator of Mother's Cause in Rome and returned there with the sealed documents to present to the Congregation of Causes of Saints for their review. Those who believe their prayers were answered through Mother Angeline Teresa’s intercession are encouraged to contact the Carmelite Sisters.

80th Day of Foundation

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Date:  September 3, 2009 In 1929, Mother Mary Angeline Teresa pioneered a different approach to the care of the elderly and infirm. In addition to fulfilling physical and spiritual needs, she stressed the importance of a home-like atmosphere that encouraged residents to maintain their personal sense of dignity and independence. To that end Mother Angeline founded a new religious community - the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. With six other Sisters she set about making her vision a reality. From this relatively new beginning the work of the Congregation flourished and the Community was invited to work in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and as far west as Iowa. We currently serve in 18 Homes in the United States and Ireland.Mother Angeline Teresa’s philosophy of care is the keystone of the Carmelite commitment. The Sisters labor to make each Carmelite Home a genuine haven of love and Christian joy, serving each guest as if ministering to Our Lord Himself. Through their lives of prayer and in concert with the dedicated men and women who share their commitment to serve the elderly, the Carmelite Sisters share the Gospel message with the people of God and bring His love and healing to the Aged entrusted to their care. copy-of-companions.jpg  Mother Angeline Teresa and her six Companions, 1929 newcouncilcomplete-srchristopher.JPG Mother Mark Louis Anne and six Council Members, 2009

Congregational Jubilee

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On May 30th, the Carmelite Sisters celebrated the jubilee of some of our members at St. Teresa's Motherhouse, Germantown, NY.  The beautiful day was heaven sent as Sisters, family and friends joined together in honoring our 70th, 60th and 50th Jubilarians.  The Most Rev. Thomas Daily, D.D, Bishop Emeritus of Brooklyn, was the Principal Celebant along with many other invited Priests who concelebrated the Mass.  The liturgy was enhanced by the magnificent music of the instrumentalists and melodious voices of the Community Choir.  Rev. Michael Kissane, O.Carm delivered an inspiring homily touching on the Gospel narrative of Mary's visitation to her cousin Elizabeth.  Mary's "Magnificat" was the theme of the day and the sentiment of our Jubilarians as they, like Mary, proclaim the greatness of the Lord for all the wonderful things he has done to each of them and through them in their many years of service to God's elderly. Following the liturgical celebration, a feast was provided for all as we continued to enjoy the day in the spirit of great joy and hospitality. 1871altarclose.jpg  Main Altar                                                       82640010altarfromside.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1606angelinesrenewvows.jpg Our 50th Jubilarians 82610033sixjubilarians2009.jpg Our 50th, 60th, 70th Jubilarians 82640013priestsandjubilarians.jpg 1638jubilariansatcake.jpg  Jubilarians Cake!