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IN THE NEWS: Garvey Manor

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Photo : Altoona Mirror

Staff Writer: Patt Keith

Mirror photo by Patt Keith Registered Nurse Jamie Pendersen checks 92-year-old Garvey Manor resident Richard Gildea’s breathing.


HOLLIDAYSBURG — Residents at Garvey Manor and Our Lady of the Alleghenies receive care from an educationally diverse mix of nurses, said registered nurse Becky Wilson, director of nursing.

The facility employs 90 certified nursing assistants, 35 licensed practical nurses and 20 registered nurses, she said, noting that 132 residents of the skilled nursing area and the 36 residents of a secure dementia unit need the most care and residents in 54-personal care apartments the least.

Wilson, of Altoona, has made a 19-year career at Garvey where she started as a CNA, became a registered nurse and held various positions before landing the lead position.

“I never expected to stay here my whole career, but I have,” Wilson said. “I know and love the residents. They put a smile on my face.”



A Special Mass and Concert for Mother Angeline McCrory

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Story Contribution by David McCrory


You are invited to join the McCrory Family in Rome!

A special Mass and Concert in honor of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory,O. Carm

"If you have to fail, let it be on the side of kindness. Be kinder than kindness itself to the elderly."

Date: May 26, 2019, Mass at 12:15 pm

Sacred Early Music Concert and a new song written for Mother Angeline at 3 pm

Santa Maria in Traspontina

Via della Conciliazione, 14c, 00193 Roma RM, Italy.

“Mother Angeline McCrory”

In Tyrone’s fine county, a land of great bounty, I first set my eyes on Mother Angeline.
As she prayed to her savior, there was no one braver, With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
A-live, A-live Oh. A-live, A-live Oh. With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
She left home for France, where she jumped at the chance,
To help the poor folk and old folk, with all of their needs. She joined in the Order, Little Sisters of the Po’or.
With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
A-live, A-live Oh. A-live, A-live Oh. With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
Then she crossed the great ocean, with heartfelt emotion, to bring her sweet healing, to the aged and infirm.
Through the Sisters she led, her legacy spread, With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
A-live, A-live Oh. A-live, A-live Oh. With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
When kind Angeline died, the world stopped and cried, And the Pope in fair Rome said we honor her life.
First Beatification, then canonization, With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.
A-live, A-live Oh. A-live, A-live Oh. With compassion and kindness, A-live, A-live Oh.

Contact David McCrory at for more information.

Mother Angeline Concert in Rome, Italy Mother Angeline Concert in Rome, Italy (124 KB)


Month of May Crowning at Saint Patrick's Home

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Story Contribution: Sister Kevin Patricia, O.Carm.

Photo Courtesy: Saint Patrick's Home

Saint Patrick's Home honored Our Lady during our May Crowning held at our facility.  The Eucharistic celebration included our residents' choir, students from the Avila Institute of Gerontology Spiritual Care Program who participated in the readings and distribution of Communion and some of the children from the local community. One of the girls crowned Mary. Refreshments were provided from our Café after Mass.



Emmy Nominated Palliative Care Video

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Story Contribution by  Stacey Sumereau

Photo Credit: Google

"The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm recently formalized a groundbreaking palliative care program that raises new standards for palliative and end-of-life care in the United States.  Kaplan Multimedia, Inc. teamed up with the Carmelite Sisters to produce a thirteen-minute film capturing the hallmarks of the program titled The Difference Is Love. The film's excellence was recognized with a nomination for a 2017 Suncoast Emmy Award under the category "Societal Concerns."

Palliative Care, often confused with hospice care, is specialized pain relief that can be administered to anyone with a serious illness, even if he or she has no life-limiting prognosis.  The Carmelite Sisters' philosophy that life is precious until the end, stands in stark contrast to the movement of promoting physician-assisted suicide throughout our country. Not only does The Difference Is Love highlight the Carmelite Sisters' unique approach, but it also tells the stories of those whose lives have been made better by the program.  The message is a hopeful one, that holistic, loving care and a natural death are a better alternative to an earlier death from a belief that life as an elder is meaningless.  " It was affirming to know that the National Academy of Arts and Sciences recognized the importance of Palliative Care and its significance to our elders and those who are facing debilitating illnesses," said Sr. Peter Lillian, O.Carm., Director of Avila Institute of Gerontology (AIG), the Carmelite Sisters' Educational arm.

Joe Kaplan, director of photography, and Linda Corley, writer and producer, each bring over thirty years of experience in the film industry and a combined twenty-one Emmy nominations and fifteen awards to their work. "It's one of my most meaningful nominations because the subject matter has significant impact on society. It's gratifying to be in a field where your information helps direct, inform, and enlighten," said Linda Corley. Stacey Sumereau served as Associate Producer, and John Sumereau served as Production Assistant."


To learn more about the work of the Avila Institute of Gerontology and Palliative Care, visit the AIG's website at  


You can also visit Stacey Sumereau's website and podcast on this link: 



Avila Employees Recognition Day 2019

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On May 8, 2019, Saint Teresa's Motherhouse held a special luncheon to recognize employees who have rendered the Avila Community dedicated service of five, ten and thirty five years in their various areas of expertise.  Pictured below were those who received from Mother Mark, Prioress General,  their  Recognition Plaque and token of appreciation.  Sister Francis Patrick, local Prioress, opened the gathering with a prayer and welcome address.

Regine Lambrech - 5 Years (Congregational Archivist)

Mary Ann Iaccino- 5 years (The Mother Angeline Society Secretary)

Patrick Orendack- 10 years (Maintenance Crew)

Bill Clark- 35 years (Director of Maintenance)

Those who were recognized but unable to attend the event were Trish Gathers (5 years, Carmelite System Chief Operating Officer), Marlaina Cataldi (5 years, Carmelite System) and Erin Pietrak (10 years, The Avila Institute of Gerontology).

We wish to thank all of our dedicated employees who collaborate with the Sisters to make alive our core values of Compassion, Hospitality, Shared Commitment and Sanctity of Life in our ministry to the elderly during these challenging times.  God bless you all!


Congregational Archivist Regine Lambrech for 5 yearsThe Mother Angeline Society Secretary Mary Ann Iaccino for 5 years
Maintenance Crew Patrick Orendack for 10 yearsDirector of Maintenance Bill Clark for 35 years