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Avila Employees Recognition Day 2019

Sister Helena - Wednesday, May 08, 2019

On May 8, 2019, Saint Teresa's Motherhouse held a special luncheon to recognize employees who have rendered the Avila Community dedicated service of five, ten and thirty five years in their various areas of expertise.  Pictured below were those who received from Mother Mark, Prioress General,  their  Recognition Plaque and token of appreciation.  Sister Francis Patrick, local Prioress, opened the gathering with a prayer and welcome address.

Regine Lambrech - 5 Years (Congregational Archivist)

Mary Ann Iaccino- 5 years (The Mother Angeline Society Secretary)

Patrick Orendack- 10 years (Maintenance Crew)

Bill Clark- 35 years (Director of Maintenance)

Those who were recognized but unable to attend the event were Trish Gathers (5 years, Carmelite System Chief Operating Officer), Marlaina Cataldi (5 years, Carmelite System) and Erin Pietrak (10 years, The Avila Institute of Gerontology).

We wish to thank all of our dedicated employees who collaborate with the Sisters to make alive our core values of Compassion, Hospitality, Shared Commitment and Sanctity of Life in our ministry to the elderly during these challenging times.  God bless you all!


Congregational Archivist Regine Lambrech for 5 yearsThe Mother Angeline Society Secretary Mary Ann Iaccino for 5 years
Maintenance Crew Patrick Orendack for 10 yearsDirector of Maintenance Bill Clark for 35 years


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